Feasibility Process

One point of contact for quick responses to feasibility requests

Clinical Studies Sweden offers life science companies and academic researchers quick responses to feasibility requests directed to Swedish healthcare. The nationally coordinated feasibility service has been developed in dialogue with industry and health care to improve Sweden's competitiveness and attract more clinical studies to Sweden. The feasibility service thereby improves the prospects of Sweden achieving the objectives of the national life science strategy.

A web based feasibility service facilitates the process

Evaluating whether a clinical study is feasible in a country can be both complicated and time-consuming. Clinical Studies Sweden is therefore actively working to identify leading experts, investigators and clinicians who can respond to feasibility requests within all therapeutic areas. To streamline the process and offer quicker responses, a web based service is used. This ensures that feasibility requests contain sufficient and relevant information, making it easier for clinicians and investigators to respond. To further facilitate for the healthcare, the digital service is user-friendly which makes it easier for experts, investigators and clinicians to respond to study requests.

Two different request processes to improve efficiency

Feasibility requests are divided into Country and Site feasibility to streamline the process and help us deliver faster responses. For Country feasibility, leading experts assess whether studies can be conducted within Swedish healthcare. Among other things, the experts assess whether the study is in line with national therapy guidelines and whether the patient population is sufficient. In addition, the experts provide overall feedback on the study design. Experts are also given the opportunity to register their interest in participating in the study.

Contact with interested investigators and clinicians

Site feasibility identify investigators and clinicians within Swedish healthcare that are interested in participating in a specific study. The feasibility service provides contact to investigators and clinicians within the therapy area who are interested and have the preconditions and opportunities to participate.