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We want to make it easy to take part in the support and help that Kliniska Studier Sweden offers to you who carry out clinical studies in healthcare.

At klinikastudier.se, we want to make it easy for you who carry out clinical studies in healthcare to find the support and help that we offer you.

We also want to help you find the right one within Clinical Studies Sweden by quickly giving you guidance to our regional websites. Our regional websites provide specific information about our services and range.

Target groups

We address you who conduct clinical studies in healthcare. You can work as a researcher or other research staff, be a business manager in a business that carries out clinical studies or be active in academia or life science companies.

With our search function, you can search among documents, web pages, news and events.

Website Accessibility Statement

Accessibility is an important principle for us. We follow web guidelines for the public sector and continuously work on improvements.

The website is developed in a responsive design so that you can have a good experience regardless of whether you visit us with a computer, tablet or mobile.

Accessability statement


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