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  1. File/document CE-marking

    CE-marking Product marking used primarily within the EU. The prerequisites for CE-marking are that the product fulfils requirements relating to health, safety, function and environment, and that a specific control procedure has been followed.

    Last modified: 2019-02-27 19.51

  2. File/document CIP

    CIP Clinical Investigation Plan. Includes information that clarifies the background to and reason for a study, and how the study is to be implemented. Subscribe Contact

    Last modified: 2019-02-27 19.52

  3. File/document Clean file

    Clean file A file where all the data from a clinical study have been checked, supplemented and corrected. The database is then locked and the statistical analysis can start. Subscribe Contact

    Last modified: 2019-02-27 19.53

  4. File/document Clinical evaluation

    Clinical evaluation Critical scrutiny of relevant clinical data according to LVFS 2003:11 Appendix 10, and LVFS 2001:5 Appendix 7. Carried out by the manufacturer of a medical device. Subscribe Contact

    Last modified: 2019-02-27 20.33

  5. File/document Clinical pharmacology

    Clinical pharmacology The theory of the effect of medicines on human beings. Subscribe Contact

    Last modified: 2017-10-31 17.09

  6. File/document Clinical Studies Sweden

    Clinical Studies Sweden A collaboration between the Swedish Research Council and Sweden’s six healthcare regions. The system consists of six regional nodes appointed to represent each region, the Committee for Clinical Studies and the Office for

    Last modified: 2019-02-27 20.32

  7. File/document Clinical study

    Clinical study A scientific study carried out on human subjects in order to study biomedical and health-related questions. Subscribe Contact

    Last modified: 2017-10-31 17.06

  8. File/document Clinical trial

    Clinical trial An experimental clinical study where the study participants are allocated some type of treatment, such as a medicine or a medical device. A clinical trial must be approved by the Ethical Review Authority before it may start. For trials

    Last modified: 2019-02-20 23.01

  9. File/document clinicaltrials.gov

    clinicaltrials.gov International register and database for clinical studies. Operated by the US National Institute of Health. Subscribe Contact

    Last modified: 2019-02-27 19.54

  10. File/document Confidentiality

    Confidentiality Confidentiality protection in healthcare ensures that sensitive information about patients is protected and does not become publicly available. Subscribe Contact

    Last modified: 2019-02-27 20.48

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    For researchers

    The various phases of clinical trials A clinical trial is conducted according to a study protocol set in advance. A trial may last from a couple of weeks up to a year or more, depending on the question, the disease, the nature of the therapy and how

    Last modified: 2020-12-11
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