Clinical trials day - did you know this about clinical trials?

May 20 is Clinical Trials Day. A day that draws attention to the importance of clinical research that leads to new and better treatments, medicines and medical devices.

On 20 May 1747, the Scottish physician James Lind began an experiment on twelve sailors aboard the ship Salisbury, which aimed to find a cure for scurvy. The experiment concluded that the disease can be prevented with vitamin C-rich citrus fruits. James Lind's experiments are usually described as the first randomized clinical study and the basis for modern clinical research.

Did you know that:

  • a clinical study requires an approved ethics review application. Every year, approximately 2 400 new applications are approved by the medical departments at the Swedish Ethics Review Authority (formerly the regional ethics review boards). (1)
  • nearly 400 applications for research on covid-19 have been approved by the ethics review authority in the past year (April 2020 - April 2021). (2)
  • in order to conduct a clinical drug trial, approval from the Medical Products Agency is required. Approximately 260 applications are approved each year. (3)
  • In total, approximately 30 000 Swedish patients are planned to participate in drug trials each year. (4)
  • every year, approximately 6 500 scientific publications are published in "clinical research" in Sweden. (5)

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