What has happened after the evaluation – interview with Jeanette Johansen at the Office for ALF

In March 2018, the Swedish Research Council’s evaluation of clinical research at the regions and universities covered by the ALF agreement was submitted to the Government. In the interview below, Jeanette Johansen at the Office for ALF talks about the future work.

Jeanette Johansen, ALF-kansliet

How did the ALF evaluations in 2018 go, and what is the result?

The evaluations went well, and looking back now, I think that everybody is relatively satisfied. When we talk to the various ALF regions, they have all said that they are using the results from the evaluations in their quality work, and that feels great. Of course there are parts and elements that could be done better. For example, many felt that the design and organisation of the practical side of the evaluations was confused. We agree that it wasn’t optimal, for many different reasons, and we will be correct this ahead of the next round.

What are you working on right now?

In October and November 2018, we (the Swedish Research Council – Sara Aspengren and Jeanette Johansen – and the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare – Helena von Knorring) travelled around Sweden visiting all the ALF regions. The aim of the visits was partly to discuss the experiences of the evaluations conducted in 2017–2018, and partly to look forward and discuss the design of future evaluations. These discussions have been very valuable, and permeated by great engagement by all those taking part, and we have brought back lots of wise comments. Now we are working on including all views.

When will the next evaluation take place?

We don’t know for sure until we receive a new Government mandate, but we are planning to start the next evaluation in January 2021.

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