What is happening in the development initiative: Research Subject Survey

Jessica Hagström has been the project manager for the development initiative Research Subject Survey. The initiative was recently finalized and in the interview below Jessica tells about the results of the initiative and what happens next.

karin skoglund projektledare

Why did we have a development initiative around a national research subject survey?

Today, there is no possibility to collect study participants’ experiences of and views on participating in clinical studies nationally. The research initiative Research Subject Survey was conducted together with SALAR in order to develop and validate a survey for study participants and make it nationally and routinely introduced for evaluation and quality-based work in clinical research in open and primary care.

What was the result of the development initiative?

The collection and analysis of the surveys in the pilot study gave the research clinics valuable feedback on how the study participants experienced the participation and the results will be used in the quality work at PTC and at AKP Örebro. SALAR believes that the pilot survey is well functioning and constitutes a statistically strong basis with approved drop-out levels, and it is the project's assessment that the research subject survey can function as a national tool for evaluation and quality- based work within clinical research in outpatient care and primary care.

What happens next?

SALAR will continue the work of revising some questions that need to be reformulated or get an initial filter question to clarify to whom the question is addressed. Just as for the National Patient Survey, the Research Subject Survey must be analyzed in its entirety before the next implementation to ensure that the basis is representative. The county councils and the Swedish Research Council will, in consultation with SALAR, discuss whether and how the survey should be used.

The result of the survey is managed by SALAR within the framework of the National Patient Survey.