Forum Uppsala-Örebro about the ongoing work on regional and national coordination

Forum Uppsala-Örebro is the regional node for the county councils Dalarna, Sörmland and Värmland, and the regions Uppsala, Örebro, Västmanland and Gävleborg in the national collaboration Clinical Studies Sweden. Patric Amcoff, node manager for Forum Uppsala-Örebro, tells more about the ongoing work on regional and national coordination.

Patric Amcoff, nodföreståndare Forum Uppsala-Örebro

How do you work with regional coordination?

Forum Uppsala-Örebro continues to develop healthcare regional coordination and the establishment of an efficient infrastructure with our seven local nodes (Local Node Network, LNN). The activities of Forum Uppsala-Örebro and LNN have been reviewed by an external auditor with the purpose of identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement. In the follow-up of this review, Forum Uppsala-Örebro's commissioner, the Regional Research Council, has decided to establish a joint action plan for Forum Uppsala-Örebro and the research funding part of the Regional Research Council to more efficiently link the two activities. The joint action plan is coupled to the new regional R&D strategy for 2019-2024, resulting in longer-term planning and follow-up of the operations of Forum Uppsala-Örebro.

How does Forum Uppsala-Örebro work with national coordination and what does it mean for operations within the Uppsala-Örebro healthcare region?

Forum Uppsala-Örebro and representatives from the seven local nodes have been very active in national development and coordination efforts and we participate in all national working groups and projects. Participation is very positive for our operations as it builds skills both at local as well as regional level, and infrastructure for national joint activities. Forum Uppsala-Örebro, together with Uppsala Research Center (UCR), leads the development initiative National Standard R-RCT (Register-based Randomised Clinical Trials), which aims to develop a national guideline for R-RCT.

How do you collect data from ongoing studies within the Uppsala-Örebro healthcare region?

Forum Uppsala-Örebro and LNN have developed a process for collecting data from ongoing clinical studies via the clinics. A first report that deals with ongoing cancer studies has been published. This work continues with the goal of being able to report updated information on all diagnostic areas and simplify and improve the process of data collection.

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