Gothia Forum about the ongoing work on regional and national coordination

Gothia Forum is the regional node for Sweden’s western healthcare region, which covers Västra Götaland county council and the northern part of Region Halland, in the national collaboration Clinical Studies Sweden. Christer Söderström, node manager for Gothia Forum, tells more about the ongoing work on regional and national coordination.

Christer Söderström, nodföreståndare, Gothia Forum

How do you work with regional coordination?

At Gothia Forum we have been working actively with regional coordination since September 2017 and we have appointed a project manager, Sandra Olsson, who works with the initiative. She has visited many of the research units in our healthcare region and has carried out an inventory and initiated discussions on capacity, problems and opportunities. We can already see some common needs, such as information, education and coordination for research nurses. We will run projects and offer meeting places for networking based on the identified needs.

How does Gothia Forum work with national coordination and what does it mean for operations within the western healthcare region?

National co-ordination is discussed between the node managers and we have regular meetings and planning days. Aas regional nodes we deal with the coordination issues a bit differently, just as the nodes and healthcare are organized in different ways. We now need to identify existing resources and decide how to interact efficiently between the nodes. Being able to coordinate and solve problems together in Sweden means that we have better opportunities to manage national projects, which increases the conditions for attracting and implementing clinical research in Sweden.

How has your role as node manager influenced/gained significance for you in your everyday role at the Gothia Forum?

Being a node manager and working with Clinical Studies Sweden are relatively new assignments, but I think we have come a long way. Swden feels smaller now. I have personally experienced closer contact with others in the same role, sharing experiences and solving problems through simple contacts.

Our regional coordinator reports to me and we work closely with the entire management team at Gothia Forum, which means that our work is well established internally. We raise issues that positively impact the daily activities of Gothia Forum.