What is happening in the initiative: Coordination of feasibilities

Kristy Delisle Milton is project manager for the development initiative Coordination of feasibilities. Now, a survey of the feasibility process is being prepared, which will be presented in the form of a preliminary study report. You can read more about the initiative and what happens next in the interview below.

Ulrika Logren

What is happening in the initiative right now?

The initiative has a new project manager, Kristy Delisle Milton.

An intensive phase is currently under way. The survey done in 2017 is being finalized. The survey will be presented in a preliminary study report. Based on the challenges and suggestions of actions that have emerged during the course of work, proposals for a more effective process for study inquiries will be presented.

What happens in the near future?

The steering committee will shortly define the focus of the project in the coming years. Within the project group, the work will focus on further developing the proposed measures identified as central.

What is the time line?

The goal is that concrete activities can be carried out in the spring that affect how feasibilities are received, reviewed and disseminated. This work will continue in the autumn of 2018. These measures are continuously monitored to ensure that they help to streamline the process of feasibilities.

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