What is happening in the initiative: National website for clinical studies

The new website kliniskastudier.se was launched early in the spring, and the project group is now working on producing even more content and functions to achieve the goals and effects set for the website. Anna Sandberg Franzén and Sara Aspengren are the project managers at the Office for Clinical Studies, and in the interview below you can read more about the development initiative and what will happen next.

Sara Aspengren, projektledare

Sara Aspengren

Why do we have a development initiative for a national website for clinical studies?

As part of the mandate to provide national coordination of clinical studies in Sweden, a need was identified to launch a website for clinical studies in Sweden. The primary stakeholders in the website are researchers, operations managers, industry, media, regional node managers, patient associations and decision-makers.

Kliniskastudier.se will gradually be expanded to provide a common information source on clinical studies in Sweden. The website shall contain information that facilitates the conduct of clinical studies, inspires new studies and informs about Sweden as a competitive research country for clinical studies.

Anna Sandberg Franzén, webbredaktör och projektledare

Anna Sandberg Franzén

What has happened since the launch of the website?

The new kliniskastudier.se was launched on 29 March this year. After this, new project managers were appointed for the development initiative, and now we, Anna Sandberg Franzén and Sara Aspengren at the Office for Clinical Studies, are responsible for it.

Since the launch, more than 8 200 persons have visited the website, and this has generated more than 38 000 page views. To ensure the content of the website is suitable for the target group, a survey has been sent out to a broad reference group. The responses will be looked at and summarised during the autumn.

Towards the end of spring, a new design was produced for some features on the start page and the editorial content. The technical functionality is under development, and will be implemented by and by.

What is happening in the project in the near future?

A future update will present “the Swedish healthcare system”, as well as a number of good examples. Contents from the website will also be translated into English and implemented during autumn.

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