What is happening in the project? National data capture system

An investigation into the opportunities and prerequisites for a national data collection system (Electronic Data Capture/ EDC system) is currently in progress. Ingrid Sandgren is the project manager at Forum South, and in the interview below you can read more about the project and what will happen next.

Ingrid Sandgren

Why do we have a project on data capture within the framework for Clinical Studies Sweden?

The aim is to increase quality and security during data capture. The vision is to offer a portfolio of professional data management systems that researchers can use themselves, or gain access to via data management services offered by the regional nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden.

What has happened since the project started?

A steering group and a work team with representatives from regional nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden has been established. The project has identified its key stakeholders and is now working on defining the needs in relation to how things are working in the studies today and reviewing what could be improved.

What will be happening in the project in the near future?

Just now we are gathering information from people with experience of clinical studies in the form of survey questions (link to the survey below). We hope to receive many answers, and that people with experience of clinical studies can help us by responding to the survey. The answers contribute to opportunities for increased quality, safety and flexibility in handling data in clinical studies.

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