Kaj Stenlöf is taking on new challenges

Kaj Stenlöf has decided to leave his position as head of the Office for Clinical Studies at the Swedish Research Council, as he will shortly be starting a position with a company within the Life Science area.

Kaj Stenlöf, enhetschef

Kaj, congratulations to your new job! Can you tell us more about it?

After many years of working on building structures for clinical studies, I have now been given the chance to do what most researchers dream of, that is to enable the research to benefit other people. I am starting work with a new company, which will start conducting clinical studies in Sweden this year, to trial a new therapy. I am bound by a confidentiality agreement, so I can’t say much more at the moment, but if you ask me in six months I can tell you more.

Why are you choosing to do this now?

When it became clear a few weeks ago that I would shortly start working on developing a new company and carry out clinical studies, it was obvious that this did not fit in with my role as head of the Office for Clinical Studies. I needed to make a change straight away, which meant I handed in my notice.

What do you think about your two years as a manager with the Swedish Research Council?

It has been an incredibly exciting time, being part of establishing the Research Council’s new operation for supporting and developing clinical studies in Sweden. I have had the opportunity to work with inspiring and knowledgeable persons at the Office, on the Committee and at the nodes. The work carried out at Clinical Studies Sweden is incredibly important, and I am convinced it will benefit many persons working with clinical studies.

The Swedish Research Council is now starting the recruitment of a new unit manager. Sofie Björling, Department Manager for Research Infrastructures at the Swedish Research Council is the Acting Unit Manager, and Marika Hellqvist Greberg is the Deputy Unit Manager.

Contact: Sofie Björling, 08-546 44 009