What is happening in the initiative? Coordination of feasibilities

The process for study requests is now being mapped, which will result in a new model for coordinating study requests. Jenny Skogsberg is the project manager at the Office for Clinical Studies and heads a development initiative within feasibility. In the interview below you can read more about the project and what will happen next.

Jenny Skogsberg, projektledare

Why do we have a project on feasibility within the framework for Clinical Studies Sweden?

The mandate received by the Swedish Research Council from the Government includes supporting and developing the prerequisites for clinical studies in Sweden, and we have received a request about the possibility of increasing Sweden’s ability to provide rapid and coordinated responses to study requests.

This could become possible through increased collaboration between all the healthcare regions via the regional nodes. If decision-makers and researchers within healthcare, academia and industry are provided with correct information on the opportunities of Swedish clinics to contribute with study participants for a specific study at a particular time, the chances increase of the study being located at Swedish clinics. Similar initiatives in other countries has proved to reinforce competitiveness and attract more clinical studies to the country.

What has happened since the project started?

We have put together a steering group, consisting of representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organisations (CROs), the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) and Clinical Studies Sweden’s regional nodes. The steering group has discussed the task and goals of the project.

What is happening in the project in the near future?

A pilot study is in progress just now, where the current process for study requests in Sweden are mapped, and the needs of various stakeholders for an improved process are documented. The pilot study will result in a proposal for a new model for coordinating study requests.

In parallel, a project group consisting of feasibility experts from the regional nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden is being set up. During the project, viewpoints from reference groups with representatives from clinics, pharmaceutical companies and CROs are gathered in.