What is happening in the initiative:
Statistics and monitoring of clinical trials

The needs mapping is completed and the project is moving into an active phase, where the technical development starts. Christian Thörn is the project manager at the Office for Clinical Studies and heads a development initiative within statistics and follow-up of clinical studies. In the interview below you can read more about the project and what will happen next.

Christian Thörn, projektledar

Why do we have a development initiative within statistics and follow-up of clinical studies within the framework for Clinical Studies Sweden?

The Swedish Research Council’s mandate from the Government includes a requirement to report how we work with statistics and follow-up of clinical studies, and our mapping shows that there is a great need to gain access to statistics on the development of clinical studies in Sweden. Every year, the ethical review boards authorise around 2 500 clinical studies, but the majority of these studies are not followed up actively, and it is difficult to get an overview.

What has happened since the project started?

To create a picture of the type of information that needed to be collected, the project started with a mapping of the needs for access to statistics. Based on these needs, proposals have been developed on the technical structures that must be in place in order to construct a database that contains information on the studies that are carried out in Sweden.

What is happening in the project in the near future?

The project is now moving into a more active phase, where many persons will be involved. There is a technical project manager in place to lead the technical development, and at the same time work is starting together with the regional nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden to introduce procedures for how studies can be followed up.