Interview with Charlotta Dabrosin

Charlotta Dabrosin is the node manager Forum South-East - and thereby part of the network Clinical Studies are working with in Sweden.

Charlotta Dabrosin

Who are you?

My name is Charlotta Dabrosin, and I am the node manager for Forum South-East. I am professor of oncology at Linköping University and senior consultant at the oncology clinic at Region Östergötland. I have worked with clinical translational research (research bridging medical conditions and laboratories) for more than two decades.



How is the node organisation structured at Forum South-East?

Forum South-East is a joint research-supporting infrastructure for the county councils of Kalmar, Region Jönköpings Län and Region Östergötland. We are represented in all healthcare areas through the R&D (research and development) Unit in Kalmar, Futurum in Jönköping and Forum Östergötland in Linköping. Our assignment is to coordinate and reinforce the infrastructure for clinical research within the south-eastern healthcare region. Forum South-East is not a stand-alone organisation, but a collaboration and a platform for clinical and translational research within the healthcare region and for academia and industry.

Why is this assignment so important?

Better support and coordination improve the quality of clinical studies in Sweden and therefore benefit patients sooner. Good clinical research strengthens healthcare today and is a prerequisite for high quality care for patients in the future.

If we improve the research we carry out today, with better study design and increased collaboration within the country, this does not only improve matters for patients, but also reinforces Sweden’s opportunities to compete at international level. Having a platform for collaboration does not just increase opportunities for better clinical studies, but we also learn from each other so that our processes, for example, can be improved both locally and nationally.

What is currently happening in your region?

We are continuing the work of communicating and anchoring Forum South-East’s assignment in the south-eastern healthcare region. This is central to making our operation known to all regional actors within the sector.

Another focus is strengthening the collaboration within the healthcare region, and we do this strategically by working with research nurse networks and a joint study request function (feasibility). All study requests are now disseminated throughout the region by having contact points within all three healthcare principals.

We also lead the national node project “Support Activities for Clinical Studies within Medical Technology”. The aim of the study is to provide a better picture of what the needs are in terms of support and training in the implementation of clinical studies of medical technology products, and to make proposals for how to meet these. We have a strong tradition within high quality medical technology development, in particular at Linköping University, and we are now working on further reinforcing this profile and supporting clinical studies of medical technology products.

We collaborate closely with testing and innovation within Region Östergötland. We are also working on increasing collaboration with other support activities in the region, such as Register Centre South-East, Regional Cancer Centre South-East and Regional Biobank Centre.

During spring 2016, we also established a new research unit in Linköping, with six beds and space for taking samples and access to a research nurse. This provides clinics that are short of space and lack a research nurse with the opportunity to carry out both academic and industry-sponsored studies which would otherwise not be possible.

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