Interview with Lars Ny

Lars Ny is the director of the node Gothia Forum - and thereby part of the network Clinical Studies are working with in Sweden.

Lars Ny

Who are you?

My name is Lars Ny and I am operations director and node manager at Gothia Forum. I have experience from clinical research within healthcare, academia and industry. My most recent position was as medical director for the clinical trials unit at the oncology centre at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. My background is within clinical pharmacology and oncology. I am a reader and senior lecturer at Sahlgrenska Academy, and worked as research medical doctor at AstraZeneca for a period.

How is the node organisation structured at Gothia Forum?

Our node includes Västra Götaland and the northern part of Region Halland. Gothia Forum, which is part of the Västra Götaland region and located at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg, is the central point in the node work. Our regional node assignment entails facilitating the implementation of high quality clinical studies by academia, healthcare and industry in our region. We are also working towards increasing the number of studies, and of patients participating in the studies. Gothia Forum currently consists of six units with around 70 employees.

Why is this assignment so important?

The establishment of Clinical Studies Sweden provides a platform for working nationally. We provide a clearer entry point for actors who are or want to become involved in clinical studies in Sweden. The unit and the node collaboration also contributes to reinforcing Sweden’s role internationally. The collaboration gives us the opportunity to coordinate regional and national initiatives, such as simplifying processes for knowledge and competence exchange. Through our register collaboration, we access a large patient base for clinical studies. This is evident in oncology studies, for example, where the study populations can be fairly small. If we have a network that works together on this, we will become more competitive internationally.

In the longer term, I would like all nodes to offer the same basic range and in addition there will be activities that are unique to individual nodes. I would like to see Gothia Forum profiling itself with our trials unit for children and young persons.

What is currently happening in your region?

Gothia Forum leads the national node project on collaboration on quality systems and work processes. Our assignment is to map the node organisations’ quality systems and, based on these, to analyse opportunities for collaboration, synergies and follow-up projects. The Primary Care Trial Center (PTC) at Gothia Forum will be starting a node project in collaboration with the persons responsible for the national patient survey at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR, aimed at creating a national research patient survey. This survey shall contribute to raising awareness of the advantages of taking part in clinical studies, create statistical data for the work on improving research clinics and facilitate studies being adapted to the needs of research patients.

At Gothia Forum, we are working intently on starting our Pediatric Clinical Research Centre (PCRC) at Drottning Silvia’s Hospital for Children. We are establishing our presence in Närhälsan’s research environment via PTC. At the unit, clinical studies are carried out in close collaboration with primary care. This gives the pharmaceutical industry and academic researchers the opportunity to have their studies carried out with guaranteed high quality, as well as providing professional skills development for the personnel at health centres.

Something that is very important regionally in our node is the collaboration with the business sector in Västra Götaland and Halland. There are many companies in our region who are in the start-up phase, and who need help with the design and implementation of clinical studies. I would also like to see us being proactive in developing local and regional networks for research nurses.

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