A competence network at national level has now been launched

The lawyers' network was the first to participate in the initiative for network meetings within different areas of expertise, launched by the Office for Clinical Studies.

Clinical Studies Sweden’s main task is coordination and their efforts to develop and establish a national system for clinical studies is well underway. By coordinating the country’s regional functions and ensuring that they collaborate, each one of their competences can benefit the entire country.

One initiative that the Office for Clinical Studies is running, which will support this collaboration, is to create and develop different networks of competence. These networks consist of a group within a profession who meet and exchange experiences on opportunities and challenges and initiate a dialogue on how to establish a collaboration which can support the continued development of a national system for clinical studies.

The first group to start was the network on legal issues within Clinical Studies Sweden and there was a great deal of interest. Lawyers from all six regional nodes participated alongside lawyers from the Office for Clinical Studies at the Swedish Research Council.