National coordination of clinical studies

The Swedish Research Council supports and develops the prerequisites for clinical studies in Sweden. An important part of this work is Clinical Studies Sweden, where the health and medical care regions collaborate.

The Swedish Research Council has been tasked by the Swedish Government to support and develop the prerequisites for clinical studies in Sweden. As part of the implementation of this task, the Swedish Research Council has established the collaboration Clinical Studies Sweden, where Sweden’s six health and medical care regions collaborate via appointed regional nodes.

Clinical Studies Sweden and the regional nodes

Office for Clinical Studies

The Swedish Research Council works via the Office for Clinical Studies to support and develop the collaboration with and between the nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden, for example by calling and participating in regular meetings with node managers and regional coordinators. By promoting the opportunities for the nodes to learn from each other and find solutions to joint challenges, the prerequisites for conducting clinical studies in Sweden are improved.

The Swedish Research Council manages and follows up funds, activities and results linked to the financial support the nodes receive in the form of operating grants and national development initiatives.

The Swedish Research Council also drives work within statistics, coordinated study requests (feasibility) and is responsible for the website kliniskastudier.se. Legal and communicative opportunities and challenges are discussed in competence networks with representatives from the regional nodes. The Swedish Research Council also has ongoing contacts with other public agencies and organisations with links to clinical studies – nationally and internationally.

About the Swedish Research Council

The Swedish Research Council is a government agency within the Ministry of Education and funds research and research infrastructure. The Swedish Research Council also advises the Government on research policy issues and works to increase understanding of the long-term societal benefits of research.

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