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  1. Few patients participate in medicine trials 2018-01-09 The Swedish Research Council has analyzed the development of clinical trials with medicines in Sweden between 2010 and 2016 by focusing on the number of patients scheduled to participate in

  2. "I saw several benefits to be included in a clinical study" Håkan has worked as a nurse and director in the healthcare sector for more than 40 years. Just over three years ago, he became a patient when he was diagnosed with spread prostate cancer.

  3. Report from our seminar in Almedalen 2017-07-05 How do we ensure that clinical studies are based on the needs and prerequisites of patients, and is it a right for patients to take part in clinical studies? This issue was discussed during a seminar in

  4. What is happening in the initiative: Research subject survey 2018-02-28 Sara Olofsson is project manager for the development initiative Research subject survey. A pilot survey to evaluate the experiences of healthy volunteer study participants has