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  1. We build research infrastructure for the future Emma Larsson at Gothia Forum in Gothenburg has worked with the research project SCAPIS for almost five years. She is responsible for coordinating work between the six participating cities, which means

  2. Work environment, research and development crucial when child oncology went from personnel shortages to queueing Eva Sjödin Eriksson is the unit manager of child oncology at Norrland University Hospital in Umeå. In twelve years, she has managed to

  3. Linköping’s SCAPIS project got most “yes” replies It was a challenge to gain acceptance of the SCAPIS project throughout the organisations at both Linköping University and Region Östergötland. However, in June 2018, the last study participants will

  4. SCAPIS – a unique knowledge base for researchers today and in the future SCAPIS is the largest population study in Sweden within the cardiovascular and pulmonary system area. It is a world unique project that includes 30,000 patients and involves all

  5. Folktandvården Skåne focuses on clinical research Prolonged jaw and facial pain is common in the population, between 10 to 15 percent are estimated to be affected. A new treatment method is being investigated within the framework of a research

  6. Members of the Diabetes Association - an important resource for research and development Fredrik Löndahl was 17 years old when diagnosed with diabetes type-1. That was the start for a strong interest in and dedication to reducing ignorance and

  7. Clinical research with translational mindset Fredrik Bäckhed is a professor in molecular medicine at the University of Gothenburg, and is leading eminent international research on the role of intestinal flora for health and disease. With one foot in

  8. Meetings in healthcare give rise to extensive research collaborations Andreas Josefsson is a researcher and soon a specialist in urology. He enjoys standing with one foot in the clinic and the other at the Sahlgrenska Cancer Center. There he conducts

  9. Phenomena in the clinic raise research questions Can herpes infection be an important explanation of why some individuals develop Alzheimer's disease? Hugo Lövheim, researcher and physician at the Geriatric Center at Norrlands University Hospital in

  10. Research on stem cells is as important as patient-related research Nasim Bergman Farrokhnia is a chief physician in internal medicine and a researcher. For six years, she was head of Sweden’s largest emergency room. During that time, she developed an

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