For researchers

The “For researchers” pages are primarily aimed at researchers who want to conduct or learn more about clinical studies. Here you can find information about the study process, different study types and the laws and regulations that govern the area.

To enable and offer the best possible healthcare and therapy, health and medical care needs to develop continuously. Swedish health and medical care is facing challenges such as an ageing population, demographic changes, lifestyle diseases and an increasing proportion of the population living with chronic medical conditions.

Clinical studies contribute to evidence-based development of health and medical care, and are a prerequisite for advances made within experimental basic research becoming of benefit to patients in the form of preventive and improved health and medical care, for example.

As a clinical researcher, you form a link between the laboratory and the patients, and you contribute to new and improved therapy methods that can benefit healthcare. Clinical researchers also enable:

  • knowledge from healthcare to be fed back into research (translational research)
  • increased knowledge among health and medical care personnel
  • the research climate to become competitive through collaboration between academia, industry and healthcare