Web-based education on clinical research

The purpose of the development initiative is to increase the understanding of the importance of clinical research and to improve the opportunities for recruiting patients for clinical studies. The goal is to develop a introductory film on clinical research aimed at healthcare professionals who are not themselves active in research.


One of the regions' assignments, in addition to healthcare, is to conduct research and development. In order for healthcare to be able to conduct clinical research in the best possible way, everyone who works in healthcare needs an understanding of what clinical research is and its significance for healthcare, society, citizens and patients.


Initially, an inventory is made of existing educational material within Clinical Studies Sweden and a survey of other sources of information. Thereafter, a document is produced as a basis for an introductory film that can be offered to bussinesses for use in, for example, introductory programs, APT, R&D days, development days, etc. An accompanying discussion paper will be published together with the film. Dissemination of the material will take place nationally through the regional nodes within the collaboration Clinical Studies Sweden.


The initiative will produce a introductory film to highlight the need and significance of clinical research. Through the dissemination of the film, the initiative is expected to contribute to improved conditions for conducting clinical studies and thereby enhance social benefit by:

  • inspire increased commitment to clinical research among healthcare professionals
  • improve the recruitment of patients for studies
  • increase knowledge of clinical research and awareness of the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.
  • increase understanding in health care that employees do research and that it is an important task for the business


The initiative started in Q1 2021 and is expected to be completed in Q4 2022.