Statistics and follow-up of clinical studies

The aim was to improve long-term access to good and purposeful statistics, as well as to safeguard continuous analysis and reports on clinical studies.


Several reports have pointed to the lack of data on what studies are in progress and statistics on clinical studies in Sweden. The first phase in the development initiative was therefore to map the needs for statistics that exist and to make a summary of the data on clinical studies that needs to be collected.


Based on a mapping and summary, the goal was to produce a database for studies in progress and for statistics and information on studies to be made available on the website kliniskastudier.se. If this was achieved, it was possible to ensure that continuous analyses and reports on clinical studies can be presented regularly. Finally, the goal was for statistics and information on clinical studies to be used by all stakeholders involved, which lead to:

  • making it easier for researchers to find inspiration for new studies within their areas
  • giving opportunities for patients to find studies that are open for recruitment
  • providing statistical documentation for decision-makers

Time plan

The development initiative started in Q2 2016 and was expected to be completed in Q1 2018.