Regulations, research ethics and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) – training for managers on clinical research

There has been a need of a training for managers about the regulations regarding clinical research. The initiative was based on the Karolinska Trial Alliance being commissioned by Karolinska University Hospital to develop such an education together with the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

The purpose of the national development initiative was therefore to adapt and spread the regional education nationally, instead of using resources to develop new similar educations regionally and locally.

Representatives of all nodes were trained to be able to spread the knowledge, act as experts and further train in each region.

The development initiative was ongoing in 2016/2017.

Project leader: Helena Fenger-Krog, Karolinska Trial Alliance (KTA).

Read the interview with the project manager Helena, where she tells how the initiative was implemented and the training went from the regional level to national implementation through "Train the trainer" (in Swedish).