Promote dental research; investigation of the needs of researchers and the role of the nodes

The purpose of the initiative is to map the current situation and identify what support researchers need to conduct clinical research in dentistry and in what way Clinical Studies Sweden can contribute to this. The goal is to provide proposals for future development initiatives to promote dental clinical research in Sweden.


In dentistry, there are both private and public actors who participate or want to participate in clinical research. Following the Swedish Research Council's report “Allvarligt läge – odontologisk forskning (severe situation - dental research) from 2007, several initiatives have been made to strengthen research within the dental departments and the National Dental Service around the country. At the same time, the supply of doctoral dentists has decreased, to the extent that it is difficult to fill both teaching positions and professorships. At the regional level, the requirement for healthcare production dominates, where resources and time for R&D are often severely limited.


The investment will result in:

  • a survey of existing clinical dental research in dentistry in Sweden with a focus on existing compilations and knowledge within regional R&D units
  • a needs analysis to make an inventrory of the need for support
  • a solution proposal that shows what support Clinical Studies Sweden and the nodes can contribute with
  • proposals for possible future development initiatives.


The initiative started in August 2021 and is expected to be completed in Q2 2022.