Pilot study: Promote the opportunities to conduct clinical research and clinical studies within primary healthcare; roles and opportunities of the nodes

The purpose is to identify activities that promote clinical research within primary healthcare. Within the cooperation Clinical Studies Sweden, a mapping is conducted of what the current preconditions are, and how the regional nodes can collaborate to promote clinical research within primary healthcare.


Over the last few years, Swedish healthcare has been transformed so that care is increasingly delivered within primary healthcare. This also changes the preconditions for clinical research and innovation, which have traditionally been linked to major hospitals.

Goal and implementation

The goal is to use contemporary environment and needs analysis to:

  • identify the needs that exist within primary healthcare
  • identify the factors that are important for promoting clinical research within primary healthcare
  • investigate what support researchers can receive from the regional nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden

Time plan

The pilot study started in Q4 2019 and is expected to be completed at the end of 2020.