National network for research nurses – pilot study

The aim of the prestudy was to investigate needs and prerequisites for a national network for research nurses.


Research nurses are important players in clinical studies; for the study participants and to ensure research results of good quality. In the United States, Australia and England, national networks have been set up to support and strengthen the specific roles of research nurses.

Clinical Studies Sweden's strategic plan highlights the importance of promoting good communication between actors active in clinical studies.


The preliminary study would:

  • map existing networks, courses and other activities involving research nurses within general health care
  • monitor the needs for a national network for research nurses within health and medical care, specialist dental care, academics, industry actors and trade associations
  • make a proposal for how a national network for research nurses can work in the framework of Clinical Studies Sweden
  • prepare a draft description of implementation, estimation of resource needs and budget for a possible continuation of the project


The project started in Q2 2018 and was expected to be completed by the end of Q3 2018.