National collaboration regarding monitoring services

The purpose was to develop a structure for collaboration in the monitoring of academically initiated multi-centre studies where several nodes or healthcare regions are involved.


There were currently a number of academically initiated multi-centre studies in progress with monitors from different parts of Sweden. For such co-monitoring, a clear and accessible structure for national collaboration could have facilitated matters for monitors and triallists, during both start-up and implementation. We estimated that each individual regional node was involved in three to five such studies.

Goals and implementation

Collaboration in monitoring assignments of academically initiated multi-centre studies, offers opportunities for more efficient use of resources by both the executor (monitor) and principal (researcher/sponsor), and may potentially reduce project costs.

The benefits of smarter use of local monitoring resources are:

  • improved working environments for individual monitors (for example less travel and less overtime work)
  • collaboration contributes to more equivalent work processes and improved quality of the monitoring work nationally
  • increased exchange of experiences and knowledge development between regional nodes.

The development initiative would deliver a working model for collaboration monitoring with associated:

  • process description
  • work allocation for collaboration monitoring with the coordinating monitor
  • work tools for monitoring plan and assessment of the monitoring degree and time required
  • templates for monitoring reports.

The development initiative was also finalising a plan for a network and support structure for monitors working on academic trials.


The project started in November 2018 and proceeded according to the time plan. The initial project completion was set for December 2019, but was extended and completed Q3 2020.