National collaboration regarding monitoring services

The aim of the development initiative is to make it easier to monitor academically initiated multicentre studies involving several nodes and healthcare regions. A working model for co-monitoring will be developed, as well as an implementation plan for a network for monitors.


Variants of collaboration regarding monitoring of academically initiated multicentre studies with monitors from different parts of Sweden occur sporadically today, and it is estimated that each individual regional node is involved in three to five such studies. A clear and accessible structure for national collaboration would make it easier for monitors and investigators during both startup and implementation.


Through collaboration between the regional nodes in Clinical Studies Sweden during the monitoring assignments of academically initiated multicenter studies, it is possible to more efficiently utilize both the monitor’s and the researcher’s/sponsor's resources and possibly also reduce the project costs.

With smarter use of local monitoring resources, an improved work environment for the individual monitor also follows, for example through fewer trips and less overtime work. This type of collaboration is expected to contribute to more equal work processes and improved quality in the monitoring work nationally, and also to increase the exchange of experience and the knowledge development between the regional nodes.


The project started in November 2018 and is expected to be completed in September 2020.