Development of a national website for Clinical Studies Sweden

The purpose of the development initiative is to create a national website that will be the hub for Clinical Studies Sweden's digital communication. The website will serve as a national entrance to the services the node system offers researchers, research staff and life science companies. Part of the website will also function as a national intranet and facilitate collaboration within Clinical Studies Sweden.


Clinical Studies Sweden develops and offers support to researchers, research staff and life science companies that conduct clinical studies in healthcare. As part of this assignment, there is a need to be able to offer a national entrance to our research infrastructure and inform about the results of our development initiatives on a common website. In addition, a platform for digital tools, developed to support clinical studies, is needed.


The project is divided into the following subprojects:

  • external national website for Clinical Studies Sweden.
  • regional websites (for those who want nodes).
  • intranet.
  • web application for coordinated study requests.


The initiative shall result in in a website that:

  • facilitates collaboration and improves the conditions for relevant target groups to take part in Clinical Studies Sweden's support for work with clinical studies.
  • meet the digital communication needs that Kliniska Studier Sverige has regarding:
    • development investments.
    • platform for developed digital tools (eg tools for coordinated study requests).
    • strengthen the brand and improve awareness of the organization of the node system.
    • internal information exchange (intranet).

The website will include large parts of the content that is currently available on kliniskastudier.se

Time plan

The development initiative started in Q4 2019 and is expected to be completed during 2022.