Cooperation on quality systems and work processes

The project has been tasked to map quality systems within the various participating nodes, and, based on these, to develop proposals for opportunities for synergies and follow-up projects. The aim was to achieve quality and efficiency gains linked to clinical studies within the node network.


The regional nodes currently have various quality systems and procedures for the work processes describing the work with clinical studies. Functioning quality systems are a prerequisite for carrying out clinical studies in an effective way and with good quality.

By disseminating and sharing good examples of well-functioning quality systems and work processes, both between nodes and to other partners, we can contribute to increasing the quality and efficiency of clinical research carried out in Sweden.


The goal of the project was to make an inventory of the various systems that exist within the participating nodes in order to make proposals for activities and follow-up projects that increase the quality and efficiency of work with clinical studies.

Proposals for improvements identified in the project could be implemented in follow-up projects, and the nodes could disseminate good examples to other organisations within each node.

Time plan

The project started in Q2 2016 and was expected to be completed by Q4 2016.