Clinical Studies Sweden

An important part of the work of strengthening and developing the prerequisites for clinical studies is Clinical Studies Sweden, a collaboration between the Swedish Research Council and Sweden’s six health and medical care regions.

Each health and medical care region takes part in the collaboration via a collaboration function, a regional node. The six regional nodes contribute to national collaboration, and work to strengthen the prerequisites for conducting clinical studies within the own region.

The nodes work with day-to-day coordination and exchange of experiences of issues such as study requests and regional and national processes and support structures. They propose and run national development initiatives och work with statistics − a common selection of statistics and follow-up variables are collected by each node. The nodes also serve as contact point and support for actors conducting clinical studies in the region. Each node has a node manager who is responsible for the development work.

The nodes often have operations in their region that offer:

  • support to companies and researchers in study requests
  • contacts with resources in the region, such as quality register centres, biobanks, cancer centres, etc.
  • basic support, for example with study protocols and authorisation applications
  • basic training within clinical research methodology
  • help with mediating contacts with statisticians, epidemiologists and health economists.

Below follows a brief description of the structure and activities of each node.