Regional nodes

The six regional nodes – one at each healthcare region – work to improve the prerequisites for conducting clinical studies and for increasing the quality of the studies.

Each healthcare region has appointed a regional node to represent it in the collaboration - Clinical Studies Sweden.

The nodes:

  • contribute to national collaboration
  • are responsible for regional coordination
  • serve as contact point and support for actors conducting clinical studies in the region
  • propose and run national development initiatives

The nodes often have operations in their region that offer:

  • support to companies and researchers in study requests
  • contacts with resources in the region, such as quality register centres, biobanks, cancer centres, etc.
  • basic support, for example with study protocols and authorisation applications
  • basic training within clinical research methodology
  • help with mediating contacts with statisticians, epidemiologists and health economists

Below follows a brief description of the structure and activities of each node.

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