Office for Clinical Studies

The Office for Clinical Studies is part of the Swedish Research Council and the Department of Research Infrastructures. The office is located in Gothenburg and has an overall mission to support and develop the conditions for regional and national collaboration within Clinical Studies Sweden.

The office develops and coordinates different forms of collaboration within the framework of the collaboration Clinical Studies Sweden. For example competence networks for communication and law. In these networks, representatives from regional nodes and from the Swedish Research Council meet to discuss common opportunities and challenges.

The office participates in and carries out assignments and development efforts in, among other things, statistics, feasibility and a national website for clinical studies. The Committee for Clinical Studies decides on the funds over which the Swedish Research Council disposes within national coordination of clinical studies. The office is responsible for handling the funds. The office also coordinates contacts with other authorities and organizations associated with clinical studies - nationally and internationally - with the aim of increasing the possibility of more clinical studies being placed in Sweden.