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National Conference on clinical studies

The 3rd annual National Conference on clinical studies is set to take place in Stockholm from 7-8 September 2017. Save the date in your calendar!

The theme of the conference this year is ” The Future of Clinical Studies ”. Speakers from academia, health care, pharma and medtech industry will present and discuss the theme, based on different perspectives, for example:

  • The future clinical researchteam
  • The future research patient
  • The future research methods
  • The future therapy areas
  • The future technical tools/E-tools

The conference language is Swedish.

For more information about the conference program and to register, visit our webpage in Swedish.

Karolinska Trial Alliance (KTA) is regional host of the conference this year.

Welcome to Stockholm in September!


Time and place

When: 7-8 september 2017

Where: Stockholm, Aula Medica
Address: Nobels väg 6, 171 65 Solna 


Office for Clinical Studies


Östra Hamngatan 26
SE-411 09 Göteborg


Phone: +46 (0)31 757 41 75

E-mail: kliniskastudier@vr.se

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